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 Dagyde woman black

Dagyde woman black

the black color condenses the evil, it is the same for the dagydes, the black dagydes can be used for bewitchments, saturnian rituals or simple defense rituals , it measures 18 cm in height, tinted in the mass, here are some frequently asked questions about white magic, what is the spell period? The spell period begins at the end of the last ritual performed, it extends for 30 days, regardless of the number of rituals performed. It is in this period that the results must arrive. Usually they arrive after the first week, but it is quite possible to see results at the very end of the spell period. It is very rare to be able to see results after this 30- day period, but it is still possible. If no results are found, and the rituals have been correctly performed, then it is practically impossible to have results with a second series of works. However, when there have been results, but insufficient, then it is advisable to perform another set, as this usually demonstrates good receptivity, and in this case a second set of white magic rituals reinforces the first one. bewitchment, and the results are multiplied. Except in special cases, more than two series of white magic rituals are not recommended, because they do not bring more results. What is the dagydes method? The dagydes method consists of using one or more wax figures, or a carved candle, symbolizing the person or people involved in a ritual of white magic. The dagyde replaces the photograph or other medium relating to the person to whom the ritual relates. When more than two people are involved, it is not recommended to act with more than 2 dagydes, in this case at least one photo of one of them will be required. It is important to distinguish between dagyde and vaudoo doll, which are two completely different things, in terms of making, use and the intended purposes. Can we practice white magic rituals without special knowledge? It is quite possible to perform white magic rituals without having extensive knowledge in this area. It is enough to follow the instructions of the ritual, to respect the quality and the quantities of the ingredients, to have the good utensils. However, to hope to have good results, it is advisable to have the white magic rituals performed by a specialist. What is the difference between White Magic and Red Magic? There is no difference between white magic and red magic, the term red magic is used to distinguish the emotional, amorous and sexual part of white magic. Red magic is therefore a more precise term, which appeared a short time ago, unfortunately sowing confusion in minds with little knowledge of magic practices. Red magic is not more powerful, contrary to some nonsense noted here and there on the Internet, it is not dangerous either, and does not have any return effects, nor other harmful effects. When deciding to perform a ritual, it is either possible to take the moon into account, or to take into account the appropriate days for the rituals. The moon, for people not experienced in the practices of White Magic, is important for all the rituals to be performed oneself, whether it is increasing or decreasing, it will direct the Magic and give it its strength. A specialist in White Magic may not take the lunar period, or days, because the rituals he employs are powerful enough to do without his influence. The phases of the moon The waxing phase of the moon, also called the ascending phase, is appropriate for rituals of white magic, for example, a ritual for luck, or to attract money, will see its influence increased if it is performed during the waxing phase, from new moon to full moon. The full moon and the black moon, on moonless evenings, are associated with black magic. Only rituals aimed at harming a person, or voodoo rituals, requiring evil influences, are performed during a full moon. These rituals involve many risks, in particular that of the law of the triple return. The waning phase of the moon, called the waning phase, is conducted for the rituals of Red Magic. For example for the return of his partner, or to seduce a person, the ritual will have more impact if it is done during the waning phase of the moon. The days to practice the rituals of White Magic Monday Monday is the day of reconciliation, it is the day governed by the moon, it is favorable for the rituals of reinforcement in love, to stabilize the relations conwith his partner, to resolve sexual problems and to save his couple. Tuesday Governed by Mars, it is the day of the spirits, only the rituals of black magic are practiced this day. Wednesday Governed by mercury, it is the day of health par excellence, it therefore concerns all the rituals concerning vitality, self-confidence, in particular by reducing one's own bad vibrations. Thursday Auspicious day for rituals aimed at finding love, Friday In union with Venus, Friday is appropriate for all the rituals concerning romantic or emotional returns. The rituals performed this day also strengthen friendships, lastingly. Saturday Saturday is the day of healing, it is reserved for rituals of disenchantment and protection. It is useful in getting rid of a curse or negative influences. Sunday Governed by the sun, Sunday is the day of prosperity, it is therefore appropriate to perform this day the White Magic rituals for luck, work or acquire wealth Before performing a White Magic ritual, you You first have to take the time to prepare yourself: set up your altar, purify yourself and finally dress yourself Preparation When you decide to perform a White Magic ritual, the first step is to install an altar It is simply a small surface to accommodate the four elements: Water, in the cup provided for this purpose, fire, symbolized by the candle (s), Air, released by the vapors of the 'incense, And the earth, symbolized by a small container of salt The altar must always be kept clean, it is therefore recommended to use a small tablecloth to place the various elements on it At the end of each ritual, remember to remove the wax and ash that can accumulate cation It serves not only to cleanse the body but also the mind, in order to properly invoke the spirits and receive the higher energies.Before all rituals, it is advisable to take a bath, not to wash as red candles so as to burn the knots. Place it in the bowl if it ignites Say during this time: that the Fire seals my request That these flames bring to me the being designated That Mihael, servant of the Love, hears me and that he watches on me who invokes his goodness May what I so ardently await be offered to me by my benefactors, Planetary Angels Thus be done extinguish the red candles. Look at the golden candle and say :, Your wizard name, era, thank you deeply for your presence, O Almighty My gratitude is limitless Goddess and Horned God, my voice has risen And my hand puts an end to this rite By the life which is given to me, so be it put out the golden candle. Throw away the remains of the scorched wool in the windsuch, but to purify yourself A few drops, from 5 to 10 drops, of essential oil corresponding to the desired goal will be added to the bath water The bath, as well as the essences of oils that emerge from it, is designed to relax you and to focus your mind on the ritual you are going to perform. It also aims to free you from negative energies Before entering the bath, light a white candle and turn off the artificial light, this will have the effect of relaxing you and thus increasing your concentration on the future ritual The duration of the bath does not matter, in general about twenty minutes is enough, Clothes are not essential, but recommended to practice a ritual of White Magic or red magic, if you do not have one, it does not will in no way affect the quality of your work Traditionally, a mage's coat is a white, long- sleeved, one-piece tunic, held in place with a rope as a belt. You can therefore dress as you see fit, but prefer clothes in cotton, or other natural material, white and loose so as to be comfortable separation ritual for a couple Accessories - waxing moon or full moon ritual - A small fire-resistant bowl - A golden purple candle - Two b red candles - About 15 cm of red or pink wool, Position yourself in the South Place the three candles in front of you, in a triangle, so that the golden candle forms the tip, facing North Light the incense of sandalwood, then the golden candle, then say: on this magic night, I call you O Almighty, listen (Your name of sorcerer, era, that this so special request reaches you that the Goddess and the Horned God support and in this quest, bring me their help. Earth-Mother and Heaven- Father, may your magic guide me through the mysteries of this world, so be it Then light the two red candles in front of you and say: Mihael, angel of Love and Peace Hear my call , grant my wish My heart is weary, my smile has fled My arms are empty and my mouth yearns You who have the power to appease me Guide this one to me, the one I dream of Take the piece of wool between your fingers and visualize the person of your dreams, the one you desire, focusing on the qualities you look for the most in them Soak up this image, this feeling Choose 3 characteristics that you consider to be the most important among those you would like in this person Distinguish them clearly in your mind When you are decided, tie a knot on the piece of wool by thinking hard or by formulating aloud the first quality chosen Do the same for the other two qualities Take then the piece of wool and pass it through the flames

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