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Blue Apatite pebble

Blue Apatite pebble

A lithotherapy stone for weight loss Apatite is effective for weight loss because it not only reduces appetite but also allows you to look inward to discover the truth. This foray is often necessary in the fight against overweight because thanks to it, you will be able to determine the source of the problem, the reason why you are overeating. In this context, you can use it during meditation and introspection sessions, and wear it permanently on you, for example in the form of a pendant, at the level of the chakra of the solar plexus, which is linked to the stomach and digestive system. Apatite is also the precious stone suitable for any of the chakras because it can both reinvigorate you in case of sagging and restore balance in case of rigidity. In addition, it eliminates clutter. A stone beneficial for bones and joints Apatite is also recommended for rapid bone repair and strengthening. It helps your body absorb calcium from the foods you eat, which helps keep your bones and teeth strong. In order to treat arthritis, wrap the inflamed joint in an elastic bandage that can hold several stones, holding them against the affected area. Apatitis relieves pain and heals the joint faster. Make an elixir of apatite by placing one or more stones in a glass container containing water. Let the mixture sit outside overnight, preferably under a full moon. This elixir can help strengthen, heal bones and prevent joint pain. Apatite, a balancing stone To calm hypertension, wear apatitis close to the heart. Wearing it as a pendant will do the trick. Otherwise, pin it inside your shirt. If you tend to let yourself be dominated by your emotions, especially in an emergency, apatitis may be the solution. Thanks to this stone, calm will prevail in a crisis situation and logic will always be your watchword. Wear one or more apatite crystals during any creation process. It helps you to come into osmosis with the source of your originality and creativity and to produce spectacular works. Are shyness or lack of confidence preventing you from having fun at parties and other social evenings? Apatite gives you the confidence to reach out to others. It also gives you the security you need to be on your side. Need motivation to complete your tasks? Holding a red or gold apatite during meditation keeps you focused on the work and makes you want to keep going until the end. In addition, the apatite crystal helps in the development of psychic powers and in the adaptation of the mind, body and soul to the spiritual forces that roam the universe. Apatite is notably known for developing the ability to receive visions of the future. With this in mind, meditate with apatitis stuck on your 3rd eye chakras, slightly above between the eyebrows. Blue or purple apatites are most suitable for this exercise. Purification and recharging of apatite With apatite, you can follow 3 of the 4 methods of purification of stones described in the article on the purification of stones and crystals, namely: water, frankincense and burial . The simplest method, as with many other minerals, is to soak your stone in a bowl or glass of water overnight. To recharge the apatite, you can place it in the sunlight, in an amethyst geode or on a quartz heap

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