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1.30 €

Absinthe, herbs, promotes communication with spirits, protected against energies

1.93 €

sweet flag, strengthens and sensitizes our consciousness, it also increases our perceptions

3.13 €

the black cohosh, the fumigations of this plant to repel the influences

5.05 €

aloe aims to drive out demons and protect you from evil spirits

2.55 €

Alum, disenchantment by transfer to stone, transfer can only take place on one type of stone

1.40 €

Angelica, roots, promotes healing, visions, exorcisms and repels bad spells

1.50 €

mugwort repels evil spirits, during the summer solstice, it is thrown into the fire to repel

4.15 €

the protective bean will protect you from people who want to harm you, send back negative waves

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