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  Gift cards :

A birthday, a retirement to celebrate, or just want to please, but you do not have any gift idea ?

Let your loved ones choose the gift that suits them by offering them a gift card. For all tastes and ages, our Gift card Dominique Saint Amour Is the perfect gift to be sure to please.

Discover quickly the gift card, for men or women, for a housewarming of your friends, on the occasion of a birthday, a wedding, a birth, a retirement, a A personal or professional event, a change of life or a party: Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or Father's Day, Christmas Day, we have the gift card for you! There is always a good opportunity to please !

  Operation :

Simply add to your basket the amount you wish to offer. When you validate it and the payment will be made, you will receive by email a code of reduction of the chosen amount. This code will be transmitted to the person of your choice and when it will order one or several articles on our site, on the validation of its basket, in the "Reduction Coupon", it will incise the code that you had transmitted to him. The discount will be automatically applied to the basket.

Think of looking in your folder "Spam or Unwanted Elements" if you do not see our mail.

  Choice of gift card amount :

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