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All our products : Bonheur chinois

7.20 €

6 Maitreya Buddha Figurines, Health Buddha, Fortune Buddha, Wisdom Buddha, Luck Buddha

11.75 €

Bamboo pendant 100 happiness, to amplify and strengthen the wish for happiness

6.00 €

3 Chinese lucky coins, silver very powerful Chinese symbol, peace, love and health

1.00 €

Chinese lucky coins, are considered a very effective symbol

4.15 €

Chinese lucky charm, nice lucky charm that is to be hung in the living room or in the bedroom

3.55 €

8 piece cord lucky fortune, the number 8 means get richer, wealth, fortune

7.20 €

Dragon turtle feng shui prosperity, little dragon turtle on a bed of ingots and Chinese coins brings good luck feng shui

6.00 €

The Vessel in Feng Shui is a symbol of wealth, prosperity and luck, especially in business, and the professional field.

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