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15.60 €

Black sage, purification and cleaning of places, improve sleep, promote lucid dreams

2.50 €

the powers or medicine of Sage have a very powerful protective and purifying action

4.60 €

Cedar is an excellent Purifier, the powers or medicine of Cedar is an excellent purifier

4.95 €

considered a sacred herb, sweet grass attracts beneficial energies, mixed with sage

9.05 €

Sweet hay is the most feminine of incense, often referred to as Mother Earth's hair

6.10 €

considered as a sacred herb, sweetgrass attracts beneficial energies, it purifies people, objects and houses

15.60 €

purification of energies, allows rooting, stabilizes healing, strengthens self-confidence

15.00 €

purification and cleaning of places, open spirituality, drive out malicious spirits

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