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19.00 €

365 Feng Shui Tips, offering you practical advice for each day of the year

20.00 €

Back pain, pain of being, the secret language of your back pain with decryption of your pain

20.00 €

Large Divinatory Book of the Crystal, divination, but also meditation

19.00 €

Book Oracle Dominique Saint Amour, when I was a child, I did not understand my difference

28.60 €

Treatise on Chinese massage, the treatise on traditional Chinese massage is at the same time a discipline

32.00 €

Illustrated Feng Shui Encyclopedia, here is a complete, fascinating and easy-to-access guide

34.10 €

Energy properties of stones 2, 300 pathologies and 100 soul state imbalances are discussed

22.00 €

Essential oils, aromatherapy and aromachology guide, properties

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