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Parution dans le journal En Vogue Clairvoyance, medium, magnetism , Dominique Saint Amour Has two incredible gifts of birth, always listening, I put to the services of others my formidable abilities.

Love, work, finance, I can decipher your future and enlighten you on your projects, a good way to save time and go straight to the point.

In addition, with my qualities of magnetism, I can help you to calm your stress, tiredness, tone your energies to regain vitality and form, to relieve you of the evils of life, to take care of your pet animals thanks to my magnetism. Possesses the secrets of nature, my great experience and knowledge are unavoidable supports.

I own the keys of Feng Shui, I bring a new energy to your apartment, house, trade. Feng Shui brings great success in all aspects of life.

Dominique Saint Amour Practicing his art with consultants from all walks of life, media, justice, finance but also with people from all walks of life, with the same love and passion.

Dominique Saint Amour Always privileges in a unique way each of its meetings with its consultants.

My philosophy: make you happy.

I bring you my listening, my skills, my advice and would be your guide during your visit to the shop of "Dominique Saint Amour".

I invite you to share a clairvoyance with me.

I would be happy to ask you a question on the phone from 10 am to 6 pm : 06 84 08 92 68 ou au : 06 84 08 92 68 And by e-mail to : Or to my clairvoyance consulting firm

Find all my clairvoyants in the menu "Clairvoyance / Magnetism"

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