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1.50 €

Hematite, facilitates blood circulation, manages different aspects of daily life

1.50 €

Amethyst, Stone used by seers, mediums and magnetizers, Brings temperance and recoil

1.50 €

Aventurine, facilitates openness and change allows connection with all planes of being

1.50 €

Citrine, allows you to better position yourself in relation to those around you and to accept your own radiance

1.50 €

Carnelian, stone of the feminine, promotes memory, concentration and develops creativity

3.96 €

Tiger Eye Donut, releases tension, restores self- confidence, strengthens bones and joints

4.00 €

Tiger's Eye, releases emotional tensions, restores self-confidence, strengthens bones

2.00 €

Tiger Eye massage, releases emotional tension, protection, strengthens bones

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