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14.05 €

Amethyst Drop Pendulum is ideal for medical research and other research

13.80 €

Pendulum des buildisseurs is very high precision and very famous, very sensitive, excellent detector

14.05 €

Crystal Drop Pendulum, it is used in clairvoyance magic, magnetism

37.20 €

Egyptian pendulum in rose quartz, Egyptian clocks will channel your thoughts

12.10 €

Golden pendulum, classic heavier, also suitable for experienced dowsers

22.10 €

Ibis brass pendulum, is used in dowsing, question on photos, it will be able to detect charged objects

7.20 €

Nile pendulum in gold metal is used for studies of places to detect negative waves

31.10 €

Visconti pendulum, in precious wood, sphere in red Murano crystal, this very sensitive pendulum

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