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3.10 €

Aleppo soap, 20% laurel alep soap is suitable for all skin types, noble olive oils

2.85 €

Black soap, on a warm and very damp skin, coat the body with black soap, leave to act

1.20 €

Cherry soap, A soap scented with morello cherry, fruity and tangy scent that will remind us

1.30 €

Ghassoul, platelets, e ghassoul has been used for over 12 centuries in North Africa and the Middle East

1.20 €

Red Berry Soap, Very fruity fragrance where the mixed raspberry and blackberry stand out pleasantly

3.10 €

round donkey milk soap, 100 grams, no coloring, 1% dehydrated, softening and regenerating

3.10 €

with this wonderful natural stain remover soap and its pure vegetable base, enriched with gall: everything disappears

3.10 €

Aleppo clay soap, it purifies the skin and regenerates cells, exfoliation of the skin

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