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All our products : Eau de Cologne Spirituelles

4.90 €

Carnation Eau de Cologne, Carnation Eau de Cologne has a sensual aroma that promotes good humor

4.90 €

Eau de Cologne Florida, Agua de Florida, real Peruvian water used by shamans in Peru

4.90 €

Eau de cologne à la Rue, this eau de cologne à la rue is known to attract good luck

4.90 €

Kanagua cologne, this scented water is used for cleansing, healing, rituals

4.90 €

Sandalo cologne, sandalo cologne is used by shamans in Peru

15.00 €

Eau de cologne Pusanga, the aroma of pusanga is the aphrodisiac result of the combination of the roots

11.65 €

Perfume Esoteric Pusanga, insinuated gold, conqueror, but discreet is the unique perfume

4.80 €

Peruvian esoteric soap 7 machos, before going to any compromise and get what you want

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