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8.55 €

dove blood ink is generally used for anything related to love, desire, passion, sealing promises

8.40 €

the Celtic journal is also known as the Book of Shadows, Charms and should be kept out of sight of the curious

10.10 €

Dragon Blood ink is generally used for power spells, to increase the strength of another spell, to write your formulas

8.55 €

this silver ink is dedicated to the moon, it will be used for rituals performed on Mondays where lunar energy is needed

8.55 €

Magic sun ink, we use it for rituals performed on Sundays, where solar energy is needed, it will be very useful to write on your spellbook

8.40 €

journal in which you will record everything you have learned, rituals and recipes will be welcome, the cover with the pentagram motif

8.40 €

also known as the Book of Shadows, this is the journal in which you will record everything, incantations, rituals and recipes come together

7.55 €

Black feather chrome tip, will allow you to write, your magic recipes, your cooking recipes, your revenge works

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