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Lead plate

If you feel stuck in your life and do not understand what is happening to you it may be that you have been cast a spell. If you have bad luck, back pain, kidney pain, things break easily, blisters melt or you sleep poorly at night waking up between 2am and 4am and unable to go back to sleep. What if the next day you have glassy eyes. This means that you are probably spellbound and must fight the spell that has been cast on you. This technique is not effective for the spell that you are cast In this post I'm going to reveal the secret to teaching you how to remove lead magic. You need: - a lead plate (WHERE to find lead? In a recycling center for meteaux, then you will need melt lead to make plates) - an old saucepan - fine salt - a flat key - optional holy water if you are a Christian or orange blossom extract if you are mulsuman If you live in Paris go buy in the Arab grocery stores around 5 to 14 Rue de Tombouctou 75018 Paris. They sell it by weight or at 26 place de la Chapelle 75018 Paris. Before performing the ritual if you have collected lead tubes from the recycling center Take a lead plate or tube from the recycling center that you will clean with a metal brush and cut out with a secateurs, squares 7cm x 5cm approximately (this saves you the process if in case you have lead tubes). In the absence of plates, it can be lead pipes that you will have melted in an old saucepan that will be dedicated for this ritual. Remove the impurities by pouring the liquid lead back onto a flat surface on tiles, for example as in photo 1. Remove impurities with a metal brush when the lead comes hard and cold. Before going to sleep you will take a lead plate that you will wrap with absorbent paper and put it under your pillow. During this night you will dream thanks to the lead which will give you indications (you will probably know who has cast a spell on you or in what way you have been witchcrafted). How to perform the ritual of lead ?. The next morning take your shower and dress in clean clothes. In the day before, melt the lead which will take 5 minutes to melt. During this time take a wrench (unlocking symbol) and put it on the ground next to the gas cooker, take a plastic or iron bucket and fill it with about 15 cm of tap water. Place the bucket on the wrench. And with fine salt and a funnel, make a salt protection circle around the bucket as in photo 2. And put in the water of the bucket optional either holy water or the flower of orange (bottle that you buy in a pharmacy, para-pharmacy or pastry section of the supermarket). Lead plate dimension 10cm x 15cm Model PLOMB 02

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