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The Cowries of the luck

The Cowries of the luck

simple divination FROM THE AFRICAN TRADITION, precise and accessible to all, cowries will give you clear and precise answers to your questions, use them directly and ask your most secret questions, 4 cowries, on the esoteric shop of Dominique Saint-Amour, find the cowries: Instructions for use, the reading of Cowries is done at different levels but in its simplest form, it is within everyone's reach, let's take a look at the most widespread drawing method , this allows the consultant to obtain an answer to his question by Yes or No, 1, Mix the cowries between his two hands while formulating his question, 2, the cowries must pass from hand to hand, to finish in that right, 3, The practitioner then blows in his hand and throws the shells into a circular area that he has created himself, this can be as much an imaginary space, as a circle drawn on the ground, the interpretation cowries, once s four cowries spread on the ground, the practitioner will then decipher the messages. During the interpretation, the practitioner will take into account the open or closed side of each cowrie. Elife: two cowries are open, two are closed. the yes is categorical, what the consultant asked is about to happen. there is no need to ask the question a second time. Alafia: the four cowries are closed. the Yes answers the question asked but the practitioner must make a second throw to guarantee his answer. An Alafia, an Elife, or an Etawa will have confirmation value in the draw. Itagua: three cowries are open, one of them is closed, the answer is yes but the route promises to be strewn with obstacles, to achieve his goals, the consultant will have to be patient, he will have to learn what that the others have already learned, by refining their knowledge, by controlling their emotions in the face of difficulties, they will obtain success. Okana sode: three cowrie shells are closed, one of them is open, in absolute terms, the No is the answer, caution is required in front of any type of project, to hope for a success, the consultant will have to review your goals, surround yourself with safeguards ... risks are omnipresent. Oyekun: the four cowries are closed, this figure is synonymous with No, absolute, it is very unfavorable, any ideas, projects, or decisions, will be doomed to failure, the 4 cowries are shells, This shell has a male side and a female side. The male is located on the opening side, it is the negative direction, the positive female side being rounded.

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